About Christiane Wagner

About Christiane Wagner

Since 1984 when Christiane Wagner became a Registered Nurse...

She has been continuously participating in training to upgrade her capacity to provide holistic care, advice and support to her clients.

Her commitment to achieving exceptional outcomes for clients is evidenced through her establishment and operation of two highly successful businesses for over 25 years. Having emigrated from Germany in 2011, Christiane has now established a new business called Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches.

By focusing on the whole individual, Christiane is able to tailor treatments to address diverse problems, emotions and support clients to find a balanced, healthy life style.

In 1991, when one of her family members was born without a bladder and needed the urethra planted into the gut, Christiane became aware of the importance of body pH, vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes and overall gut health. She developed a comprehensive pH and gut program and now combines her treatments with this program. This synergistic approach to health and wellbeing has contributed to discernible improvements in her clients’ health. That was the begining of her journey in Ortholmolecular Medicine (functional nutrition medicine).

Christiane draws on her extensive, diverse experience to assess client conditions and then applies her deep knowledge of multiple disciplines to provide the treatments which will achieve the best results. With a holistic vision, Christiane applies facials, traditional massage therapies as well as Balneo therapies (the treatment of conditions through a combination of bathing and massage), and lymphatic drainage in a multipronged approach to tackling her clients’ health and wellness issues.

Christiane is also an accomplished rehabilitation therapist. With experience working in a large rehabilitation hospital in German prior to her departure to Australia, Christiane learned a lot about back, hip, knee, feet and shoulder injuries and the types of therapies and exercises that yielded the best results. During her own recovery after an accident where she broke her 7th vertebra she realised that providing the right nutritions, using exercises that build up muscles and improve the function of the fascia, is a much better way of healing injuries for both the short and long term.

Christiane therefore teaches clients the most appropriate exercises to treat their injuries and sets strict programs so that the injury receives the exact number of repetitions so as to not over or underwork the joint in question.

As a nurse and Orthomolecular med. therapist, she believes in education and thinks it’s nowadays more important than ever to know about digestion, nutrition, skincare, health and physical movement basics. She offers essential educational workshops, which are packed with valuable insights into what you need to do or avoid when creating health from the inside out.

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Orthomolecular Med. Therapist | Nurse | Massage Therapist | Balneo Therapist | Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist | Rehabilitation Trainer | Dr Hauschka Skin Therapist | Family / Systemic Constellation Facilitator

Owner and Operator

Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches November 2015 to Present

Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches is the actualisation of Christiane’s dream to provide the Cairns community with a holistic health and wellbeing practice that cares for the in and the out.

Established in 2015 and drawing on Christiane’s three decades of experience, Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches offers:

  • Health coaching / Orthomolecular Medicine
  • Comprehensive pH & gut program
  • Nutrition fight Depression & Anxiety
  • Comprehensive Osteoporosis protocol
  • Lipedema/ Lymphedema protocol
  • Comprehensive Lymphatic drainage facial
  • Massage therapy
  • Balneotherapy
  • Manual lymphatic drainage ( Dr. Vodder )
  • Rehabilitation / Medical Prevention training
  • Dr. Hauschka beauty/skin therapy
  • Family / Systemic Constellation
  • Educational Workshops

This means that Christiane is able to:

  • assist to restore both balanced pH and optimal gut health, which is fundamental to the health of all organs, including muscles tissue, joints and skin
  • assist in the healing of injured soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments through the use of a wide range of massage techniques
  • use massage to promote relaxation, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension
  • use lymphatic drainage to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph nodes so that waste products can be carried away from the tissues back toward the heart
  • apply rehabilitation strategies to assist clients to resolve injuries in the shortest time possible
  • teach clients techniques to ensure their rehabilitation is conducted in the most appropriate manner
  • provide skin care through the use of Dr. Hauschka’s certified organic products which support the physical cycle of the skin
  • educate about anatomy, physiology and pathology for e.g. to understand the mechanism of our digestive system
  • teach clients a healthy diet, basics and different kinds of fermenting 
  • teach clients how to be balanced and healthy, inside and out.


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Reef Magic Cruises, Cairns - October 2011 to April 2015

  • Application of extensive experience and training to apply the most appropriate massage treatments to the soft tissues of the body such as muscles, tendons and ligaments to assist healing
  • Administration of treatments to promote relaxation, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension
  • Assessment and treatment of specific soft tissue dysfunction and providing rehabilitation advice
  • Employment of a range of techniques with complementary aids, such as essential oils, to assist in the conduct of treatments
  • Assessment of clients’ physical condition and case history to advising on stretching exercises and relaxation techniques

Rehabilitation and Prevention Trainer Vreden, Germany - April 2006 to March 2011

  • Conduct of massage services for a wide range of clientele presenting with a variety of issues
  • Facilitation of general and Balneo therapy training as the Instructor for hip, knee, shoulder and back courses

Holistic Beautician and Massage Therapist (Owner and Operator) Gescher, Germany - January 2006 to May 2011

  • Provision of tailored facial treatments to clients ensuring the treatments applied were responsive to skin types and sensitivities
  • Utilisation of a range of massage techniques according to patients’ needs
  • Assessment and treatment of specific soft tissue dysfunctions and provision of best practice rehabilitation advice

Massage Therapist (Owner and Operator) Stadtlohn, Germany - April 1989 to December 2005

Education & Training

Family/ Systemic Constellation Facilitator 

Maria Dolenc, Sydney / Byron Bay, Australia


Orthomolecular Medicine Therapist

Dr. med. Rainer Didier & Dr. med Udo Boehm, FOM, Forum Orthomolecular medicine, Garda, Italy


Holistic Gastroenterology

Dr. med. Udo Boehm, FOM, Forum Orthomolecular medicine, Nuernberg Germany


Upgrade Trainer course

Christoph Jolk, Diplomsportlehrer, Sporttherapeut Gesundheitszentrum Westmuensterland, Vreden and Ahaus Germany


N-Motion© , motion program for people with Multiple Sclerosis

Christoph Jolk, Diplomsportlehrer, Sporttherapeut Gesundheitszentrum Westmuensterland, Vreden and Ahaus Germany


Rehabilitation Trainer

VDB Physio Therapy Association, Dortmund, Germany


Injury Prevention Trainer Course

VDB Physiotherapieverband Nordrhein-Westfalen 


Cardio Training

Medicoactiv, Euskirchen, Germany


Back Therapy Trainer

VDB Physiotherapieverband Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


Physiotherapy with Equipment

VDB Physiotherapieverband Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


Performance Diagnostic by Lactate Analysis

AFG, Idar Oberstein, Germany


Therapeutical Motion Analyses, Basic Seminar

AFG, Idar Oberstein, Germany


Hip and Knee Therapy

Midicoactiv, euskirchen, Germany


Certified Dr Hauschka Rhythmic Massage Therapist

Wala / Dr Hauschka, Bad Boll/Eckenwaelden, Germany


Certified Dr Hauschka Skin Therapist

Wala / Dr Hauschka, Bad Boll/Eckenwaelden, Germany


Certified Beautician

INKOFA Vocational School for Cosmetics and Chiropody, Duesseldorf, Germany


Certified Massage Therapist and Balneo Therapist

Institute for Massage Therapy at Weserbergland Hospital, Hoexter, Germany


Certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

Hermann Karling Technical College for Manual Lymph Drainage and Advanced Vocational Training, Duisburg, Germany


Registered Nurse

School of Nursing of Raphaels Hospital, Muenster, Germany