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Body & Skin Care - Cairns Beaches

Remember, beauty and health start on your plate. These days, not all our veggies are packed with the nutritional value they used to have in the past. Instead, they’re depleted and loaded with pesticides and processed food can deliver heavy metal and preservatives to our bodies. That’s why our body can develop deficiencies and suffer inflammation as well as gut and skin issues. Let you guide out of all your deficiencies to feel the best you can.

It's already been proven just how important the gut is for our general health and wellbeing. To get the best out of our treatments, we offer the combination of a blood test or a comprehensive stool diagnostic with your treatment. Both diagnostics are done from a certified Australian Diagnostic Centre. Based on these tests you are supported and guided on how to solve the issue from the root cause instead of reacting to your symptoms.

We use only certified organic products in all our treatments. Dr. Hauschka skin-care products are made from natural raw materials, and wherever possible are sourced from biodynamic cultivation or harvested in the wild under controlled conditions. They preferably come from the WALA medicinal plant garden, the Biodynamic Sonnenhof farm in Germany or socially responsible cultivation partnerships worldwide and fair trade. The cosmetic products are NATURE certified as natural and organic cosmetics. Several strict criteria ensure that they frequently exceed the requirements of this traditional quality seal.

The skincare products do not take over the skin’s natural tasks, but instead offer it fortifying and harmonising stimuli to purposefully restore the skin’s natural balance. To this end, products suited to each skin condition are combined to create individual skin-care routines. The oil-free night care, which allows the skin to breathe freely and regenerate itself, is an additional unique skincare feature. The extensive overall range offers basic and special care from head to toe and reflects the brand’s holistic approach.


At WALA Heilmittel GmbH in Bad Boll, Germany, they manufacture their products in line with pharmaceutical standards. In doing so, they combine their unique wealth of knowledge of medicinal plants, which they have built up since 1935, with the latest scientific research. Every product has a special composition, with each and every ingredient contributing to the overall effect.


WALA create the formulations on the basis of extensive cosmetic and pharmaceutical expertise, many years of experience and the greatest of care. The products contain compositions of medicinal plant extracts, produced using their own special procedure, primarily through manual work. Rudolf Hauschka focused on subjecting botanical extracts to rhythmic alternation, e.g. between heat and cold, light and dark or movement and rest.