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Body & Skin Care - Cairns Beaches

Remember, beauty and health start on your plate.

These days, not all our veggies are packed with the nutritional value they used to have in the past. Instead, they’re depleted and loaded with pesticides and processed food can deliver heavy metal and preservatives to our bodies. That’s why our body can develop deficiencies and suffer inflammation, chronic diseases as well as gut and skin issues. Let you guide out of all your deficiencies to feel the best you can.

Christiane started her gut journey almost 30 years ago when no one was paying attention to the gut because one of her kids was born without a bladder. Luckily nowadays it's already been proven just how important the gut is for our general health and wellbeing. To get the best out of our treatments, we offer the combination of a blood test or a comprehensive stool diagnostic with your treatment. Both diagnostics are done from a certified Australian Diagnostic Centre. Based on these tests you are supported and guided on how to solve the issue from the root cause instead of reacting to your symptoms.

Furthermore, we use only certified organic products in all our treatments. 

Experience the difference.

Because we're very confident about these treatments, any products you may purchase are refundable, if you are not 100% happy with them.