Customised Workshops

Customised Workshops

Educational workshops

As an Orthomolecular Medicine Therapist and Nurse, I believe in education and think it’s nowadays more important than ever to understand the mechanisms of our digestive system & body pH, to know how our skin is functioning as an organ. How it's possible to support our gut to get back to health. These essential educational workshops are packed with valuable insights into what you need to do or avoid when creating health from the inside out. These classes will be designed to suit your personal needs, e.g. anatomy, physiology & pathology of our gut / skin / bone / digestive system, furthermore healthy eating tips/ fermenting food/ making yogurt/ kombucha/ water kefir/ milk kefir.

Choose your theme and book at a time and venue which suits you.

WORKSHOP themes:















COMMUNICATION, (private / for business)


Treat roots instead of symptoms


Without Vit B6 and Trypotophan amongst others, you're not able to build the happy hormone Serotonin! That means you wouldn't be able to stay happy physiologically - and there's a way back to happiness and to protect yourself from getting anxious and depressed. Get informed and become happy and healthy.

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For bookings and/or any kind of questions, please call Christiane on 0447 277 793 or email BodyandSkinCare.CairnsBeaches@gmail.com


General Educational Workshops

All of my educational workshops are possible to book one-on-one or if you get some friends together, you can create your own educational event. Through these workshops, you will acquire knowledge about both health and beauty via fun and easy-to-understand presentations that can be held either at your place or in my clinic.

Below are some ideas about possible themes. However, there are many more possibilities that can be mixed together and designed especially for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask me about these as I’m happy to find the best solution for you.

  • Skin anatomy and physiology: What silicon and mineral oil do to your skin / How does exfoliation and night cream affect your skin/ The influence of gut and kidneys to your skin / How it is possible to wash hair with water and never use shampoo / The difference between certified organic skincare and ordinary skincare and much more.
  • Gut anatomy and physiology: Gut health support with forgotten therapies from the past e.g. How to do body wraps and when/ How to do a real enema / How eating habits cause gut issues/ gut friendly food and eating, drinking habits and much more.
  • pH physiology: Why measuring your pH once doesn’t tell you if you are acidic / Why and how you should measure your pH in your urine / Differences between alkaline fasting and predominantly alkaline eating / The danger of detoxing incorrectly in the long term and much more.
  • PhysioMove: Nordic Walking: How to start / What’s the right equipment is / What kind of illnesses will benefit from it. Body awareness classes: How to move correctly to improve back, hip and knee issues and protect from further injury. PhysioRun: How to run efficiently but effortlessly and also get better results in any running competition. and much more.
  • Cooking classes: Alkaline dinner or lunch cooking classes including how to make pizza without using grain dough / how to make ghee by yourself and what the benefit is of using ghee / how to make vegan cheese / how to ferment e.g. sauerkraut and much more.
  • Meditative creative art: learn how to make sculptures out of different materials. Pure fun mixed with a kind of meditation. Learn a way to get lost in your thoughts and experience how energizing this can be. Let your hands just follow your thoughts/ feelings and be surprised at what you can create. You’ll take your individually made indoor/ outdoor sculptures home.

* Please also don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information.

Education at your office 

This workshop is designed to bring health education to the workplace, which will assist your business to achieve less employee sick leave and build a stronger bond between staff and management. This workshop can also be used as a staff reward on special occasions like Christmas or the company’s anniversary and so forth.

How do you organize the workspace, what foods should be eaten to promote focus and productivity and how do you release tension in the neck shoulders and back?

This highly recommended workshop plays a big role in German companies. This is because they have realized that the prevention of illness and happy staff members are the secret of success. The workshop teaches knowledge on body-awareness and the physiological laws of sitting/standing correctly. It also teaches how to ergonomically organize the workspace and healthy eating options so workers can create a healthy and efficient workspace for themselves and others.

This workshop teaches the simple steps to stay focussed and healthy in the workplace.

Nowadays we’re either sitting or standing too much, which causes pain in the neck shoulders and back. Furthermore, unhealthy eating habits and the wrong choice of food cause bloating, sluggishness and discomfort. Together this causes stress and distraction from work as well as long-term illness.

How to achieve ultimate wellness and productivity at the workplace:

  • Learn how simple exercises (no mat necessary) release tension and pain in your neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Get introduced to an orthopedic chair and other tools that support correct sitting and standing.
  • Borrow orthopedic chairs or other tools for 3 days (without extra fee).
  • Learn how the wrong sleeping patterns cause tension.
  • Learn the right sleeping patterns.
  • Learn the basics of your gut and get easy simple, healthy recipes, which will nourish the body and mind without bloating and sluggishness.
  • Learn simple historical proven therapies that fit easily into daily life to support gut health.
  • Experience how energized, engaged and purposeful working can be when feeling great in your belly.
  • Discover how productivity and performance will increase when feeling relaxed and pain-free in your body.
  • Develop self-awareness and knowledge of how to implement these tips into your daily life.
  • Discover why correct sitting/standing, an ergonomically organized desk, and healthy eating matters.

Duration 2h - $600

* Please note, choose the emphasis of this workshop and it will be customized to best suits your needs