Comp. Lymphatic drainage Facial

Comp. Lymphatic drainage Facial

Beauty and health start on your plate

Our skin is like a mirror of our digestive and pH system. It also absorbs many toxins from our environment and is an important detoxifying organ. When we use toxic cosmetics, we overload the skin’s detoxifying mechanisms. Combine this with the overuse of prescription drugs and poor eating habits, and our skin has a recipe for disaster.

When performing this specific facial, I use certified organic Dr Hauschka products, depending on your circumstances maybe a special designed products, called "Dr Hauschka Med". These preparations are completely non-toxic and allow me to guide your skin back into balance – without creating any treatment dependence.

Dr Hauschka preparations work with the skin’s natural rhythm, balancing and supporting it to function optimally again. After your skin is functioning at 100% once more, you’ll be able to keep it healthy and glowing without using any creams.

A lot of my clients were sceptical when I told them that I don’t use any cosmetic night creams and that I never ever use any kind of shampoo. Yet my hair appears clean and healthy! Those who were keen to try my techniques were more than happy and surprised how healthy their skin became – and especially how shiny their hair was.


What to expect in this treatment facial:

I will assess all parameters that have led to your skin issues, so you’ll get a tailored treatment specific to your needs.

Depending on your circumstances, this treatment will combine a facial to treat the roots of your skin issues –whether acne, dermatitis or rosacea, etc. – with a customized micro-nutrition plan.

During the treatment, you’ll receive a certified Dr. Vodder lymphatic drainage, which supports the healing and detoxifying process of the skin.

Furthermore, I will create a comprehensive gut/pH program for you, possibly adding a stool, blood or saliva test from a certified diagnostic center, if necessary.

You’ll learn how to support your gut and skin with the right foods and how to support the skin’s natural rhythm. Most people are amazed how great the skin feels after the first treatment already.


Experience the difference.

Because I’m very confident about this treatment, any products you may purchase are refundable, if you are not 100% happy with them.


This treatment varies in duration, so the price will change. eg Duration of 60min - $150