Family / Constellation – A Therapy Beyond Words

Family / Constellation – A Therapy Beyond Words

"When I lived in South Africa, someone told me what the longest road in Africa is. It's not the road from Cairo to Capetown, it's the way from your head to your heart, and from there to the here and now" - Bert Hellinger

Humans are matter and energy - healing requires paying attention to both.

Why do some people struggle to create harmonious intimate, familial and work relationships even though they have healthy, fulfilling lifestyles and are committed to personal growth? These struggles are often a result of entangled and entrenched family dynamics, which impact on future relationships. The effect of entangled family dynamics in a person’s formative years can also lead to other difficulties like addiction, illness and repetitive negative patterns. These unfortunate consequences later in life cannot always be attributed to personal attitudes. Upbringing and hidden family dynamics play a far bigger role than previously thought. These hidden family dynamics are commonly referred to as the Family Constellation.

Bert Hellinger, a respected German psychotherapist, developed the Family Constellation method to reveal the hidden dynamics within families, called ‘Orders of Love’. When these natural orders of love become distorted (through perceived traumas or even subconscious traumas) they can result in negative entanglements for future generations through hereditary morphogenic energy fields. These entanglements can persist and create future relationship difficulties between partners, children, siblings, friends and/or workmates. Hellinger studied philosophy, theology, pedagogy and locates his model within phenomenology and his approach has roots in several therapy schools, for e.g. group psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, Primal Therapy, Transactional Analysis, and NLP. Family Constellation work relies on the immediate processing of nonverbal experience.


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How Does This Therapy Work?

Family Constellation is a well-known therapy in Europe. It is a process of reconciliation, where ancestral influences are unravelled and family dynamics become visible. The therapy can be conducted in groups or individual sessions. 

During an individual session, figures or dolls are used to represent absent family members. This means that the perceptions of the client and facilitator are essential because there won‘t be any familial feedback. It’s also possible to use mats or papers as they will display an image of the relationship between members and help to develop a strategy towards a solution through physical movements.


Do energy Fields Exist?

There was once a time when talking about energy was considered ‘voodoo’.

Fortunately, there’s been a shift in awareness about the importance of the energy fields surrounding us, e.g. more and more people now use the knowledge of Feng Shui in their homes and/or at workplaces.

Quantum physics and field theory show that energy is the fundamental basis of the universe and all within it, including living things. Einstein demonstrated that energy and matter are interchangeable. There is no doubt that humans are composed of matter and energy, and are energetic beings.

Nowadays, research is able to show these fields of energy around humans, plants and animals. It appears almost in the same way as the energy of planets.

In Family or Business Constellation therapy, we work in this energetic field, which is called the ‘Knowing Field’. Family and Business Constellation processes confirm that we are part of an energetic-, genetic- and epigenetic- complex system.


Family Constellation with Representatives

For example, A person who is setting up a family constellation will select people who represent their family members, and themselves. The representatives will be told who they represent and moved/placed in a room in a position that will reflect the experience and sensations of the participants in his/her family. This is done with respect and awareness so that the representatives will report experiences that are similar to the original people/ family members. Sometimes even sentences will be spoken exactly how the unknown real family member/person would express them.

The representatives don’t know the purpose of the Family Constellation session. Once the participant is satisfied with how the representatives are placed he/she will step out and observe the constellation from the outside. Any visible dynamics/life events are never judged: they’re facts, and there’s no good or evil. Even if a crime has been committed, it doesn’t matter what will be unraveled as it’s still seen just as a fact, always. The facilitator will lead the session in an alert, respectful and caring manner to make the family influences visible. The facilitator then assists the individual to accept, let go and create a loving space for all members of the constellation.

At the end of the session, the participant exchanges with his/her representative for an even more powerful outcome. This therapy can transmute generations of ancestral suffering and unhappiness. It can help people to live happier and more fulfilled lives by releasing destructive familial patterns.


Benefits of doing a Family Constellation

- It’s an alternative method for coaching or traditional counseling.

- It’s a great combination with traditional counseling or coaching.

- It’s perfect for anyone who has tried everything but is looking for something that works on an energetic level and with body senses.

- It’s a gentle, sensitive and effective process.

- You don’t need to explain the intimate details of your issues – just some bare facts.

- It’s an inner process, and you don’t need to bring other people who are involved into the sessions. This process is all about you, your feelings and seeing yourself in your family/ relationship/ environment.

- It accelerates your personal growth.

- It improves your communication skills.

- It helps to attract the right type of life partner.

- It can save your marriage or relationships that may at a breaking point.

- It can guide you towards a peaceful separation if reconciliation is not viable.

- It can support any children who are involved in a separation or divorce process.

- It helps with decision-making.

- It’s a powerful and brief process. One constellation can bring many positive changes.

- Sometimes a resolution has the impact to ripple out (not always), and it may positively affect other people, even though they didn’t attend the session.

- Even the experience as a representative or observer during a group workshop has a positive impact. It will be a nurturing and sharing experience.

- Some people like to get started with a private one-on-one session.

- A private session can be done online as well. (Face time / zoom).


Why choose a Family Constellation when challenged in a relationship?

You still find recurring patterns, even though you have tried counseling, coaching and have improved your communication skills. If these patterns still occur, it could be one or both of you are entangled in the dynamics of your family of origin. These entanglements are coming between you as a couple.

Or perhaps you are looking for something to experience with body senses, which has a profound positive impact on you and your relationship?

 A poor connection with one or both parents, or ‘unfinished business’ with a previous partner, make it impossible to create healthy future relationships.

 Family Constellation is a quick and effective alternative to marriage or couple therapy. It can also provide premarital guidance for a better chance of success.


Divorce / Separation

Nowadays many relationships break up. The experience during that time will make a huge difference in how you (and the kids) will be able to move on in your life.

Separation can be a trauma as beliefs, hopes, and dreams of what this relationship/ family represented are destroyed.

However, if this process can be done with respect and gratitude, you’ll be able to grieve and heal. This is important for moving into new relationships sometime later and to find the best way of going through this time to avoid any kind of harm to your children.

 If a separation is messy, destructive and hurtful, there’s the danger of holding anger, guilt or blame over what happened, and you and your kids may find it difficult to move on.

 Family Constellation can be very helpful in understanding and accepting these dynamics and finding a solution so that life continues to be more fulfilling.


Business & Success 

There is a lot involved in being successful in business: knowledge, passion, commitment, making appropriate connections and decisions, setting your intention and following your plan to be the best you can be to get where you want to be.

Sometimes you become aware of being blocked and unable to take the next step. You may experience patterns that show up repeatedly, like certain types of situations or people you face, which become a common theme in your work and life and negatively impact on both.

You know you are carrying a huge responsibility for what you do and how your business appears. You are the denominator, but don’t know what’s going on.

Systemic Constellation involves finding a way to discover what’s holding you back and resolves these blocks quickly to expand your potential for success.

Constellation works on many levels of your mind simultaneously, the unconscious, conscious, family system and body senses. This will lead you quickly to discover your solution in a highly cost-effective way.

 Nowadays, unfortunately, modern business systems often leave out the fundamental dynamics that need to be addressed if the people working in them are to feel cooperative and appreciated. Business Constellations can quickly uncover and resolve problems within the workplace between employers and employees.

In Europe, business owners and managers are becoming increasingly intrigued by the profound solutions that business constellations and systemic thinking can offer them.


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Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches offers:


Individual constellations: Client - Facilitator, by appointment (also online, Facetime/ Zoom possible)
Theme: customized 

This session varies in duration, so the price will change eg Duration of 30 min - $70 / with Membership $50 //

Clients with cancer 30 min - $40

The first session requires an assessment of 30 min, and takes 60 min minimum - $140

New clients are required to pay a $50 cost upfront deposit to secure their first appointment.

This deposit is deducted off the treatment cost.


Group constellations: Group - Facilitator, workshops or by appointment
Theme: customized and given theme

Costs depending on venue and length of the session/ cancer clients need to put in a donation only



Annual Membership; $100


Cancellation Policy

We offer a sophisticated holistic service that is comprehensively tailored to your unique needs. Please aim to arrive five minutes early for your appointment.

Because our services are so comprehensive, any cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to each appointment. Failure to do so will result in a 50% cancellation fee. 

The full fee will be taken for no-shows without cancellation.

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