Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr.Vodder)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr.Vodder)

When applying lymphatic drainage, I use gentle, rhythmic, circular pumping massage techniques to drain congested fluid towards the appropriate lymph nodes. This is very different to regular massage techniques and creates a suction effect that improves the overall drainage of congested fluid. Excess tissue is removed, pain is decreased and the remaining tissue becomes looser and softer, resulting in better physical movement and mobilty. I also encourage patients to use a special breathing technique for the stimulation of additional lymph nodes. Lymphatic drainage can be applied to the arms, legs, belly, head or spine, depending on the clinical presentation of each patient. I provide a combination therapy that includes manual lymphatic drainage, measuring/ correcting your pH, explaining how to get nutritional support, post-drainage use of elastic stockings or bandages, rehabilitative exercises and skin care. These work synergistically to promote the body’s physical drainage system.

Why apply manual lymphatic drainage?

Surgical invasion, rheumatic diseases or cancer can cause problems with lymphatic fluid flow, which can lead to additional health complications. Manual lymphatic drainage improves overall lymphatic flow by draining this fluid through lymph vessels, veins and gauze. This reduces oedema, swelling and relieves pain.

Is manual lymphatic drainage an approved medical therapy?

Yes. The importance of lymphatic drainage has been demonstrated by Dr. Vodder since 1950. Dr. Vodder was a physican who pioneered the medical speciality known as lymphology. His lymphology techniques are the gold standard in manual lymphatic drainage and are a recognised and approved medical therapy. The lymphatic vessels form a vital transportation system for bodily fluids. Located next to the blood vessels, the lymphatic system is also very important for the functioning of the immune system.


  • improves lymphatic flow and drainage and the function of the immune system
  • eases pain through the removal of the body’s natural fluid levels
  • improves wound healing
  • relieves fluid congestion and restores the body‘s natural fluid levels
  • aids the body in naturally removing waste and toxins
  • assists healing from surgery or injury by reducing post-traumatic oedema
  • calms the autonomic nervous system, inducing a deep state of relaxation
  • reduces hardened tissue.


  • cardiac insufficiency
  • acute thrombsis
  • acute infection


Duration 60/90 min - $80/$120