Health consultation from a distance

Health consultation from a distance

A coincidental start by a tourist who booked a lymphatic drainage, but also wanted to do my ‘comprehensive pH and gut program’ has now become a frequent service that I provide, without the need of it being face to face. My program ‘nutrition fights depression and anxiety’ is also a flexible program that I offer from a distance. Most of my distance clients have been struggling for a long time and reached the point of recognition- that the only way to get back to their optimal health is to treat the root cause of their issues. It’s amazing how keen these clients are to follow my program. Remember, health and beauty start on your plate!

I offer this service for individuals who believe that nutrition can be the starting point to get back to their optimal health.  Who doesn’t want to make lifestyle changes that can make you feel the best you ever have and achieve long term health. Both the ‘comprehensive pH and gut program’ and the ‘nutrition fights depression and anxiety program’ can be custom built to your needs.


Some of the benefits of these programs include:

Improved gut and immune health as well as improved arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  Improved mental wellbeing; decreased depression and anxiety; addressing sleeping issues; improved vitality and joint function; enhanced weight loss; decreased skin issues; food intolerances; allergies and gout symptoms.


How does it work?

You write me an email / short message or call me, and I call you back by phone, Skype or WhatsApp depending where you are overseas. I am fluent to talk and write in German or English. I explain how I work, how much I charge and after that, you decide if it suits you or not. 

If you would like to proceed you then receive a detailed questionnaire, so I know more about your circumstances by email or by post if preferred. You complete and send it back. I call you and explain everything and you also get it in a written form as well. Blood tests and/or stool tests can be done with your GP or there are private certified diagnostic centres, where you can easily get it done as well. Whatever you may need, you can receive by post.

Payment can be done by credit card over the phone, PayPal or through a bank account. I always guarantee satisfaction, or you get your money back, which also applies to any programs delivered from a distance. 

I look forward to guiding you back to a healthy happy version of yourself.