I’ve been asked by Christiane to share my story about my journey with Lipoedema.

For nearly thirty years, I have had an underlying feeling in my body that something was wrong.

I have been going to different doctors since my late 20s and asking why my legs felt like lead, why I was always in pain and could never lose weight

They just kept telling me I needed to diet and exercise more, never really listening or believing in what I was saying.

Earlier this year, as my Lipedema progressed to stage three, causing secondary lymphedema, I was told I just needed to stop drinking soft drinks. Which I haven’t drunk in 35 years. I live a holistic lifestyle. Make my own body products, grow my own organic food and I’m in a chemical-free home. I’ve lived this way for 25 years so I find the assumptions insulting.

I’ve felt infuriated, disempowered, and very depressed trying to cope with my pain levels, reducing flexibility and stamina associated with these conditions, and often cried from physical pain and the frustration, with feeling hopeless about my future and what it will be like.

I’ve, for so long, felt like a stranger in my own body and judged as being a food addict by not only medical professionals but the wider invisible community, who have no understanding of what it’s really like to deal with this genetic lymphatic, disorder, day to day.

This year, I finally found a doctor who sent me to a specialist and gave me a diagnosis.

I threw myself into researching every bit of information I could find.

I felt relieved at finding an answer and horrified, by the fact that despite seeing numerous doctors and health professionals, I was left undiagnosed for so long. It’s hard not to feel angry at the management I must now do for my condition, when I could have and should have, been addressed years ago, and would have been completely reversible.

I’ve now learned about the Dr. Vodder technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and that’s how I found Christiane, from Body & Skin Care Cairns Beaches.

After literally 20 years of asking questions that no one answered, Christiane completely understands my needs and what I can do to help manage my situation.

She is the first person I’ve spoken to, who really understands what I’ve been going through and the challenges I face every day. Talking with her, was the first time I felt heard.

I’ve been seeing her for 2 months

I’m not exaggerating, when I say to you, that she has given me back my life. I feel like I have hope again for the first time. I have so much less pain and motion and more importantly, I feel like my old self.

She has helped me learn more and more to support my body and I feel like I’m better every day. My body is completely transforming from this very special technique

I’m so happy, every single day, that I have found her. For me, she has been an answer to all the questions I’ve been asking for so long, that nobody would answer.

My body has responded so fast to this technique. I look at photos of my body from two months ago and I can’t even believe it. I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me now, to get back to some sort of normalcy in my life.

I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Sincerely Jayne P. , Dec 2020

Jayne P

Family Constellation is amazing. 
After my first session I felt energized and my thoughts were clearer I felt/feel happier within myself and have stopped beating myself up over events that were beyond my control at the hands of others. I have put the past behind me finally and now focus only on the present moment, something I have never been able to do before now.
Christiane explained the process before we started and working with the figures put it all into perspective for me.
 I didn't expect the results I have after just one session of Family Constellation. 
The process of addressing the issues with those directly concerned without having them physically in the room I didn't think was possible when I first went into the session but I walked away with a sense of calm and forgiveness something I've been searching for for a long time.
I would highly recommend Family Constellation it's been a huge help to me and my mental health.

Beth Kerr

 I went to see Christiane from “Body and Skin Care Cairns Beaches” in Trinity Beach, where I had my first ever family constellation. 

Over the years I have heard about it from friends but always thought “no, not for me”. I suppose as I mature my views change when I had the chance I took the opportunity and was pleasantly surprised. 

Being someone who tends to overthink I find it often challenging to make a decision, hence at the time of my appointment I had a certain question troubling me for a couple of weeks. Of course, I was a bit nervous, but Christiane set up a great atmosphere and explained what we are about to do. She offered a couple of options to see which would resonate with me and by then I felt totally at ease! 

Usually, I would not class myself as a very intuitive or spiritual person, but through the help of the constellation, I left with a clear answer to my question and felt completely energized and confident.  

Never ever would I have thought it is so powerful, but now I can understand why people seek answers and help through family constellation worldwide. 

Anette Becker

Christiane really cares about the total wellbeing of her clients. She’s not the
person to see if you just want a quick massage, she IS the person to see if you
want a heartfelt therapist who delves deeper to work out the best solution to
your ailment. Wholistic, gentle and oh so knowledgeable. She will take time to
get to know you and work on a plan to assist you with whatever it is you need to
work on, being your mind, body or spirit. She’s highly recommended. Amazing

Sandra Sirianni

I visited my GP with a badly infected leg injury but after three days my condition
was more serious. I visited Christiane and she was amazing. For about an hour
she gently stroked and pushed my skin in directions that follow the structure of
my lymphatic system from my neck to my feet so that accumulated lymph fluid
could drain through proper channels. It was very gentle and not painful. After the
treatment and her advice on caring for the wound, I started to see an immediate
improvement. Her manner is friendly and very professional and the treatment
room is a perfect environment to de-stress and relax. Thank you, Christiane.

Colin Martin

The benefits of Christiane's massage were long lasting. I floated out the door in my new soft body and had the best night's sleep. Woke feeling refreshed and energized. Christiane's attention to detail and her awareness of what a body needs was amazing. I trusted her. She also works with the breath allowing you to more deeply relax. The Dr Hauschka products she uses are sublime. The best! The addition of heat packs and a little extra time at the end is highly recommended too. Thank you Christiane. I'll be back.



Helen Burns

Christiane has been treating my hip and leg aliment through a series of physio and massage. She is extremely caring and most importantly, knowledgeable about how to treat the body's injuries. I can strongly recommend her for anyone wanting to improve their overall health or want an amazing massage.

Samantha Barnett

Thank you so much Christiane for my beautiful facial and the Dr. Hauschka products are doing wonders. My skin hasn't looked this great in years! Can't wait to visit again

Holly Lansdown

Highly recommended, had the best night sleep since weeks if not months after being treated by Christiane yesterday.

Trixie Loesche

I had the pleasure of receiving a wonderful treatment from Christiane this morning. I felt very welcome from the moment I arrived. The treatment was excellent - by far the best I have experienced in Cairns. Christiane clearly has a great passion for what she does and it reflects in her work - absolutely amazing! I will definitely be back for more!


Stacy-Iee denny

I am glad that finally found the best massage therapist, Christiane. She took her time to do my massage and stretching which was a bonus and used organic body oil which was not oily at all. Reasonable price for great results.


Joo Yeo

Today I had a lymphatic drainage massage which I had never had before and it was just excellent. Christiane was exceptionally gentle and very tentative to my condition. She provided a comprehensive and well informed discussion prior to the treatment so I knew exactly what to expect and why it was the best treatment for me. Besides feeling cleansed and detoxed it was also very relaxing and calming which was just what I needed. Many thanks Christiane, not only do you exude health but your also the best kept secret in Cairns. Will definitely be back and highly recommend.

Lisa Crouch

I got to experience the Soul Balm... WOW!
The whole experience is very soothing and relaxing. I never thought that a facial treatment can feel so amazing :), as well as the stretches and compresses involved.
You are in great hands with Christiane and will leave feeling just great!
Highly recommended!


Silvia Ratsch

I had previously had the soul balm done and WOW how amazing that was ... I now use all the skin care range and my skin as never been better :) yesterday I got a massage done and it was amazing and the best I have ever had. Christiane takes the time to explain what she is doing and why and also gives advice on certain stretches you can do to reduce some pain or tension in your back , neck and shoulders .... Thank you Christiane you sure offer an amazing heartfelt passionate service and it is very unique... I will of course be back merry Christmas

Jodie Creek

 Wonderful to catch up with Christiane again today for another massage. :) I keep returning for her fabulous treatments and always come away feeling blissful from the warmth of her attention and care. I highly recommended Christiane. She is very knowledgeable and addresses every question and situation with the utmost care. You bet, I'll return again... I've become a regular....

Shirley Lynn

I have had the pleasure of having skin treatment and massage from Christiane and it was pure bliss. This is evident in Christianes deep knowledge and experience of the body and Dr Hauschka. I would highly recommend any of Body Care, Cairns Beaches treatments and Dr Hauschka products. A wonderful remedial and luxury experience. Christiane also gave me valuable treatment and exercises for my fascia foot problem. Thank you!

Keesha Mclean

My experience of Body & Skin Care, Cairns Beaches Luxury Detox Package was one of pure pampering indulgence. The first part of the experience was to soak away all tension and stress in a wonderfully warm alkaline detox bath while listening to soothing music in an aromatherapy-scented space. While soaking in this beautiful candle-lit space, I sipped on a freshly made carrot, ginger and orange juice to support the detoxification process. Following the bath, I was treated to a rhythmic detoxification full-body massage with a Dr. Hauschka massage oil of my choice, all the while slipping further into a sense of deep relaxation. The treatment concluded with a Moor Heat wrap, where I was cocooned in specially placed heat packs and wrapped in blankets. This treatment promotes indescribable body and mind relaxation, unlike anything I’ve experienced before. This package is a must for those of us needing some ‘me time’! It also had the added bonus of helping my body lose inches of water weight from all around it. My clothes fit far more loosely after this detox package!


Juliette Lachemeier

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