Soul Balm

Soul Balm

Soul Balm ( Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment)
This classic and heavenly treatment is the signature Dr. Hauschka Treatment, from which all other treatments are derived:

  • Imagine a candlelit room, soft music and the smell of the delicate perfume of real roses, lemons or lavender.
  • Begin to relax with a warm sage foot bath followed by a gentle foot massage.
  • Lie down on a unique, handcrafted and adjustable massage table designed for Dr. Hauschka aestheticians for your ultimate comfort.
  • Gentle stretching movements of the neck, arms and hands will inspire you to breathe deeply and relax.
  • Your holistic facial will start with a warm rose, lemon or lavender-infused compress. If you weren’t quite relaxed before, now you will be.
  • The treatment includes a cleansing mask, nourishing facial mask, soothing eye treatment and rhythmic application of each.
  • Soft brushes will be used during the lymphatic stimulation, which encourages restoration of the skin’s natural balancing and regenerative impulses.
  • Rhythmic neck, shoulder and arm massage will relax you even further.
  • Hot compresses on your chest, shoulders and neck to complete the treatment will ensure you will feel completely pampered.
  • The result is a deep sense of relaxation and a radiant complexion.

You will be brought back to earth with little stretching movements for your legs and lower back. I guarantee you will leave feeling balanced and with lovely clear and fresh-looking skin.

Duration 120 minutes - $170

Dr. Hauschka Firming Treatment

Compliment the Soul Balm (Classic Treatment) with smoothing, firming care for the eye and neck areas.

Duration 135 minutes - $220

Dr. Hauschka Luxury Treatment

Why not add even more luxury? Enjoy the Soul Balm (Classic Treatment) plus the added bonus of a back massage for a long lasting sense of welbeing.

Duration 135 minutes - $200

Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Treatment

Sometimes your skin feels as tired as you. The Revitalizing Treatment stimulates tired skin and is particularly recommended during transitional periods, such as when the seasons change.

Duration 90 minutes - $130

Dr. Hauschka Relaxation Treatment

A facial treatment without deep cleansing, allowing you to relax from head to toe.

Duration 90 minutes - $90

Dr. Hauschka `Time For Myself`

This customised facial treatment is tailored to your specific needs and uses high- performing skincare products..

Duration 60 minutes - $60