Comprehensive pH and Gut Program

Comprehensive pH and Gut Program

How did I come to the idea of creating the comprehensive pH/ gut program?

In 1991, one of my family members was born without a bladder. After a challenging time, the urethra was then implanted into the colon. Unfortunately, this was not the best solution because one duty of the colon is to recycle water back into the body. This means the urine remains in a cycle within the system and doesn’t get released from the body, which is akin to poisoning yourself. Taking care of the pH and gut was necessary to help this family member stay alive. I’m an intensive care nurse and knew the pH mechanism well and the importance of keeping the gut healthy. I did a lot of research and started my pH/gut and Orthomolecular Medicine journey.

Remember, beauty and health start on your plate. These days, not all our veggies are packed with the nutritional value they used to have in the past. Instead, they’re depleted and loaded with pesticides and processed food can deliver heavy metal and preservatives to our bodies. That’s why our body can develop deficiencies and suffer inflammation as well as gut and skin issues.

Its already been proven just how important the gut is for our general health and wellbeing. To get the best out of our treatments, we offer the combination of a blood test or a comprehensive stool diagnostic with your treatment. Both diagnostics are done from a certified Australian Diagnostic Centre. Based on these tests you are supported and guided on how to solve the issue from the root cause instead of reacting to your symptoms.

What’s involved in this program?

This program will be based on diagnostics and follow-up. You’ll get a lot of education about the gut, digestion, metabolism, food, proven therapies of the historical past, like using an enema and so on. Furthermore, easy alkaline yummy recipes are provided. THERE ARE NO ARTIFICIAL WELLNESS SHAKES!

You also have the option of undergoing a stool diagnostic with an Australian certified diagnostic center, as well as experiencing a Colon Massage & Body Wrap (60 min) at the clinic.

You will learn which foods produce alkalinity or acidity in your body and the difference between alkaline fasting and predominant alkaline eating. You’ll be guided through the whole process. In the end, you’ll get a better knowledge about your digestive system and you'll be able to cook your alkaline and predominantly alkaline meals independently, which will keep you in long-term good health.

Sounds too complicated?

It’s really not. I teach you the basics, which you can follow straight away, and all the other options are available to add on at your own pace. I can help you choose any additional options suitable to your current circumstances to make sure you get the best out of the program.

Sometimes changing a little as a start is better than being 100% unhealthy. My experience has been that as soon as people feel improvement, they are keen to do more and will find time to add more of the provided options. Don’t stress yourself; just start slowly and you’ll notice results. Feel how empowering that will be.

My ultimate goal is to educate you about the pH and gut mechanisms so that you can continue this lifestyle independently after the program. Body & Skin Care, Cairns Beaches is looking for individuals who want to make lifestyle changes so that they can feel the best they have ever felt and  to keep their health in the long term.


Customized programs are available as is doing the class from a distance.

Some benefits of joining the program:

Improved gut & immune health, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, mental wellbeing, vitality & joints, weight loss, skin issues, food intolerances and gout symptoms.


This treatment varies in duration, so the price will change. eg Duration of 60min - $80

New clients are required to pay a $50 cost upfront deposit to secure their first appointment.

This deposit is deducted off the treatment cost.


Perineal Training / Sphincter Strengthening for Faecal Incontinence

Learn special exercises to strengthen your sphincter with or without biofeedback technique. If using anal biofeedback technique, this is suitable for both women and men. It involves the use of a perineometer, an easy-to-use biofeedback exerciser specially designed and calibrated for anal use.

FOR WOMEN experiencing fecal incontinence, this technique will help to improve anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscle function.

FOR MEN experiencing fecal or urinary incontinence (including pre and post-prostate surgery) and erectile dysfunction, this technique provides great strengthening support.

FOR MEN AND WOMEN pre and postremission of a stoma pouch back into the body, this will both exercise and improve muscle function.


This treatment varies in duration, so the price will change. eg Duration of 60min - $80


Cancellation Policy

We offer a sophisticated holistic service that is comprehensively tailored to your unique needs. Please aim to arrive five minutes early for your appointment.

Because our services are so comprehensive, any cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to each appointment. Failure to do so will result in a 50% cancellation fee. 

The full fee will be taken for no-shows without cancellation.

Thank you for your understanding.