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Event Date: January 1st, 1970


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Pollution causes many chronic diseases. Chronic exposure speeds up the so-called poor metabolizers in their development of neurodegenerative diseases and or chronic inflammations, which impacts the body's immune system, potentially even causing cancer.

The physiological detoxification of the human organism is called biotransformation because pollutants can only leave the body through biochemical transformation. This happens in 3 phases. 1. phase is a toxication as more toxic metabolites develop during this biochemical reaction. This process is controlled by the Cytochrom p450 system particularly in the liver - 2. phase bonding toxins to Glutathione, Taurin, Glysin, MSM - 3. phase secreting toxins, fat-soluble with bile through the colon, water-soluble toxins with support of the blood through the kidneys. The treatment of detoxification disorder or the support of physiological detoxification is there in reverse order. with the support of phase 3 via the improvement of phase 2 until activation of phase 1. It, therefore, stands to reason to first inhibit reabsorption during the detoxification therapy, so that the toxins that have entered the intestine with bile are fully excreted with stool.

Don't develop some silent but dangerous issues through detoxing false.

Avoid making accidental mistakes to keep your health.

Be aware of the hidden danger if you detox but don't pay attention to ALL 3 phases. For example, if your issue is located in phases 2 and 3 but you activate detoxing toxins would accumulate and create serious harm.


You'll get the answers in this online zoom workshop.

Knowledge is the key to avoid/ improve issues and keep your health.

How to join?

Choose between the 4 options.

Option A. workshop only - $30 

Option B. workshop & alkaline bath salt, "AlkaBath" & alkaline cleansing hair gel "ScalPuro" & Birch juice - $120 (value $149,90) possible to send by post

Option C. workshop & 1h Dr. Vodder Lymphatic drainage & 1h consultation $165 (value $205), no expiry date for the treatment voucher

Option D. workshop & 1h Dr. Vodder Lymphatic drainage & 1h consultation & alkaline bath salt, "AlkaBath" & alkaline cleansing hair gel "ScalPuro" & Birch Juice - $290 (value $354,90), no expiry date for the treatment voucher

Options D & C are great packages to get started, comprehensive treatment at a low fee.

If you like to join - Please send me an email with your details and transfer the money to 

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You'll get a zoom meeting invitation after your payment and can arrange an appointment for your treatment straight away or later.

On the day click the link you got by email at 4.55 pm.

I recommend checking zoom a couple of days before to make sure you'll be able to connect easily. (You need the free account option only)

I'm looking forward to seeing you.

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