Blind date with your digestive system

Event Date: January 1st, 1970

When: no date at the moment

online workshop


Did you ever ask yourself:

Why do I suffer reflux/ heartburn?

Why do I have stomach & gut issues?

Why am I anxious or depressed?

Why am I fatigued and lethargic?

Why do I have skin issues?

I'm slim but why does my belly appear like a bomb?

Why did I get Osteoporosis?

Understand & find answers for SIBO, IBS, Reflux, Stomach Cramps, Osteoporosis, Depression, Anxiety, Skin issues.

If you like to understand why you developed your issue and learn how you can improve your issue - Or how you can avoid making accidental mistakes to keep your health - you'll find the answers in this online zoom workshop.

Knowledge is the key to improve issues and keep your health.

Remember beauty and health start on your plate.


How to join?

Choose between 2 options

Option A.

workshop only - $40

Option B.

workshop plus 1h stomach/ colon massage + body wrap and 1h consultation $160 (value $200), no expiry date for the treatment


Please feel free to call or send an email if you have any questions. 


Bank details

Christiane Wagner ANZ Account 401769355 BSB 014713

Please send an email after you've made the payment.


You'll get a zoom meeting invitation after your payment and can arrange an appointment for your treatment straight away or later.

On the day click the link you got by email at 4.55 pm. Please be on time.

I recommend checking zoom a couple of days before to make sure you'll be able to connect easily. (You need the free account option only)


I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Lovely greetings from Trinity Beach