Mission Beach Retreat - HIDDEN DYNAMICS

Event Date: May 20th, 2021 - May 23rd, 2021

the Sanctuary - Mission Beach
Mission Beach – MAN RETREAT
Mission Beach – MAN RETREAT
Mission Beach – MAN RETREAT

Our society puts a lot of focus on financial success - but what about our souls or about us as human beings?
Do you feel stuck in your life, tired of repeating the same patterns over and over?
Do you want to clear blockages that hold you back from reaching what you want?
Do you feel like you can achieve more in life, but can’t seem to get there?

Looking at family pictures, it’s sometimes easy to see where our physical characteristics come from. We may share the same curly black hair as our mother. We may have the long, skinny legs from our grandfather or we’re surprised to discover the cheeky smile on a picture of our great, great aunty. We may know why we look the way we do.

We also inherit mental and emotional characteristics from family members, which are often recognized by others. They might remark, “He got that tenacity from his father” or “She’s a party/dancing girl just like her mother”. We may have father’s or a great grandmother’s artistic skills or her musical aptitude. We’re often proud to inherit these talents, which are passed down through their genes to us.

But if we’re stuck in our lives, in a marriage or job that doesn’t suit us; or we try to overcome depression/addiction or simple loneliness, or we battle with a child we just can’t seem to reach – we don’t link it back to a precipitating event in our family history that’s been passed down through our genetic line. Hidden family dynamics and childhood programming play a far bigger role than previously thought. They are commonly referred to as the Family/Systemic Constellation.

This retreat has the potential to change your life forever. Together we will explore the main Movements of the Ancestral Soul through Hellinger Family/ Systemic Constellations work to release the entanglements and suffering that you unknowingly carry for past generations.

The retreat schedule includes daily Family Constellation sessions, in small and big groups. Furthermore, there’ll be an art class to express your emotional work in the outer world and to support the healing process on a body level. 

For better understanding: Art therapy is a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. Art, either creating it or viewing others' art, is used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem and work on social skills.

These retreat days are designed for healing and personal growth.
The Family Constellation format works with the facts, rather than the story, to uncover these deeply hidden entanglements. Resolving these entanglements leads us towards our solution. When this happens, we will be free to embrace life and bloom into the truth of ourselves, rewarded with full health, wealth, and well-being.

Family Constellation is a therapy designed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, and relies on the immediate processing of nonverbal experience. 

It is now time to find and understand yourself on a deeper level.

This weekend retreat is a wonderful opportunity to look at hidden dynamics and entanglements, to bring awareness and find powerful solutions in the company of inspiring, like-minded people.

Step out and experience a Family Constellation and tap into vitality, confidence, and peace with this 3-night HEALING DEEP – EVOLVE RETREAT at Sanctuary Mission Beach, North Queensland.




Radio talk about Family Constellation


Thursday 20th May 2021
  • 4.30 pm: Welcome/Introduction and explanation of the program
  • Evening: Enjoying dinner together
  • Evening free or with the group, whatever suits, will be discussed.

Friday 21th May 2021
  • 9 am – lunch: Family Constellation sessions in big and small groups
  • 2 pm – 4 pm: Family Constellation sessions in big and small groups
  • 6 pm: Enjoying dinner together
  • Evening free or with the group, whatever suits, will be discussed.


Saturday 22th May 2021
  • 9 am – lunch: Family Constellation sessions in big and small groups
  • 2 pm – 4 pm: Art class
  • 6 pm: Enjoy the amazing Indian buffet from Sanctuary
  • Evening free or with the group, whatever suits, will be discussed.
Sunday 23st May 2021
  • 8 am: breakfast
  • 9 am – lunchtime: Family Constellation session and retrospection
  • It is beneficial to arrange your life accordingly, so you won't need to disturb yourself while being there.
  • This experience with Christiane will bring clarity and reveal hidden dynamics and entanglements that are holding you back from being who you want to be. This weekend retreat will bring awareness to your repetitive behavioral patterns and help you to find your way of living authentically, courageously and joyfully. 
  • Christiane is known for her holistic vision and she believes Family Constellation plays a much bigger role in improving general health, mood and saving relationships than many people expect.
  • Enjoy a Family Constellation that will awaken your mind and leave you feeling confident clear-minded and strong but calm at the same time.


Bookings by Email, Phone or Book Here


Mobile: 0447 277 793


Rainforest Hut + Ensuite

Ensuite: No hot water

Elegant and yet rustic at the same time. Accessed by a boardwalk to protect the forest floor, the rainforest huts are designed to be like a bubble in the rainforest and can be opened on three sides by sliding timber and glass panels giving a beautiful close rainforest experience. Each hut has a small verandah, simple furnishings and sleeps two in either double or twin occupancy.

A simple deck extends from the hut, while privacy is created by the natural foliage of the forest. Gravity fed with fresh, cold water collected onsite, the outside ensuites are appointed with a shower, toilet and hand wash basin so that you can shower in the forest, naturally.

Single occupancy: $960 / early bird $860 payment before 10.3.2021
Twin-share: $860 / early bird $760 payment before 10.3.2021

Deluxe Canopy Cabin

For those interested in more creature comforts, then the deluxe canopy cabins may be for you.
Of solid wooden construction, with ample, screened glass windows, the canopy cabins offer maximum protection from the elements, while still offering a close connection to the sights and sounds of the forest.
Larger than the rainforest huts, these cabins are stylishly appointed with polished wooden floors, handmade natural timber furniture, and spectacular glass-walled bathrooms looking out high in the trees.
Ensuite with glass-walled shower.

Single: $1270 / early bird $1170 payment before 10.3.2021
Twin-share: $995 pp / early bird $895 payment before 10.3.2021
More room details here: http://sanctuaryretreat.com.au


Bookings by Email, Phone or Book Here


Mobile: 0447 277 793



  • 3 nights retreat accommodation at Sanctuary Retreat
  • Breakfast & Dinner. Experience amazing organic vegetarian meals, morning juices & smoothies.
  • Saturday dinner, vegetarian dinner with Indian buffet
  • Daily Family constellation sessions, big and small once
  • Art therapy class, the material is provided
  • Lunches are self - catered. There is a kitchen to prepare your own food OR alternatively, you can order off the Sanctuary menu.


Details about the venue Sanctuary:

50 acres of lush tropical private rainforest
Secluded rainforest cabins and huts
Delicious cuisine (vegan and raw)
Swimming pool in the rainforest
In-house massage available
Access to a near-private secluded beach
Bird watching and creatures
Amazing views and an unspoiled paradise
Probably the best place in Australia to see a Cassowary in the wild
Costs per person are incl. veg. Breakfast, Dinner.
Early bird prices, payment before 10.03.2021


Arrival time on the first day is from 2 pm. The first formal start/ group welcome is at 4.30 pm at the veranda of the longhouse, allowing you time to arrive, get settled into your room, eat well, and perhaps have a massage or swim. Due to flights people arrive at all different times in the day but aim to be there as early as possible so you have time to unwind and relax before.
Check-out of the resort and retreat end is Sunday at 10 am.


Sanctuary can be found at 72 Holt Rd, Garners Beach, Mission Beach in tropical North Queensland, about 2 hours south of Cairns and 3 hours north of Townsville.
Arrival: To help ensure the serenity of Sanctuary is preserved, no private vehicles are allowed beyond the carpark. The Sanctuary 4WD vehicle transports guests on arrival with their luggage from the car park to the main building between 8 am and 9 pm. Please note that the latest arrival time must be before 9.00 pm.
Greyhound and Premier coaches will arrive at Wongaling Beach (also known as Mission Beach Central) from here you will need to take a taxi (0429 689 366 or 13 1008) to Sanctuary. Download a street map and detailed information for both bus and self-drive travelers. Those traveling by coach should advise Sanctuary of their coach time at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

Booking confirmation with payment details will be sent by email.
Payment is required IN FULL to hold your spot.


Christiane Wagner

ANZ, BSB 014713 / Account 401769355


If the participant withdraws or transfers from the retreat, the following refund policy applies:
If the participant withdraws 45 days or more prior to retreat commencement the participant will be refunded in full less a $50 admin fee.
If the participant withdraws 30 – 44 days prior to the retreat commencement the participant will receive 75% of the total amount paid.
If the participant withdraws 14-29 days prior to the retreat commencement the participant will receive 50% of the total amount paid.
If the participant withdraws 13 or less prior to the retreat commencement the full retreat fee is non-refundable.

Should the minimum number of participants not be reached, Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches reserves the right to cancel a retreat that is below the minimum of 10 participants. If this should occur, Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches will notify you in advance and give a full refund within 30 days of cancellation.

No refunds will be made for no-shows or any other unused services.

Mission Beach – MAN RETREAT
Mission Beach – MAN RETREAT
Mission Beach – MAN RETREAT
Mission Beach – MAN RETREAT

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