Physio Moves

Learn intelligent and precise body movement sequences using the senso neuromuscular connection. With awareness, you will learn new patterns of movement to change old habits that cause pain and restrict movement. These new patterns of movement will help to create a new health paradigm for you.

If you watch children moving, you will get an idea of what senso neuromuscular movements look like. Infant brains evolve through movement. They learn movement patterns using trial and error to find the best way to function efficiently and effectively. Unfortunately, these natural processes are often interfered with by external influences, and the result is poor habitual patterns of functioning and movement, which severely restrict movement patterns by the time we reach adulthood.

Adults move less and sit or stand more, so when they do move, the movement is often rigid, which causes a variety of injuries such as back pain, knee and joint issues and poor posture, etc. In addition to this, adults also often engage in sports activities that teach isolated movements, all of which compound body rigidity problems.

Natural body movements use the entire body to prevent physical stress from developing. It trains the feet, legs, pelvis, arms, shoulders, torso and head to work as one harmonic unit.

These movements encourage the body to move as freely and lightly as a child as you relearn movements according to the physical laws of nature, which are all effortless, effective, conscious and surprisingly simple.

Experience the connection between thinking, feeling, moving and breathing. If body and mind are cooperating, you get a wider range of possible movements. You’ll understand why you developed health issues and will change your habitual patterns to physical movements, which will improve these issues or restricted posture. Feeling the connection between your whole body leads to a healthier body awareness, whereby you will move more efficiently and prevent injuries.

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Physio Walk/Run

Humans are designed to move/run for a lifetime, but only if they move in a physiological pattern, which we’ve lost meanwhile nowadays. That means no isolated movements. Walking/ running has a specific movement pattern where a lot of muscles cooperate, so the movement becomes effortless and efficient. This protects shoulders, hips, knees and back from injuries and from becoming exhausted.

Book your appointment and learn to walk properly again to keep your muscles and joints healthy, improve your running times and improve back, hip, knee and shoulder issues.

Book a one-on-one session or get some friends together and book a group session.

Medical Nordic Walking

Medical Nordic walking is a total body workout that is low-impact and high-result. It is an endurance sport where fast walking is supported by the use of two poles that keep in time with the rhythm of your steps. 

The benefits of Nordic walking include:

  • increased endurance, which leads to easier daily life tasks, like housework
  • stronger respiratory muscles so breathing is harmonised
  • improved blood fat levels (like LDL cholesterol)
  • stronger muscles in the back, shoulders and arms, not only leg muscles. This allows joints to move effortlessly, which keeps joints healthy
  • increased weight loss
  • increased wellbeing, happiness and emotional balance
  • improved immune system.

It is ideal for those suffering from chronic health conditions such as those listed below as it activates 90% of the body’s muscles, strengthens and tones the upper back, shoulders and arms, improves coordination and balance and is a more intense workout with lower perceived exertion.

The following conditions can benefit from Medical Nordic walking:

  • Diabetis mellitus 2
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Arthritis
  • Back issues
  • Appoplexia
  • Heart attack
  • High blood pressure
  • Adipositas
  • Artificial joints
  • Morbus Parkinson’s
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Slipped disc

Experience the difference.

Book a one-on-one session or get some friends together and book a group session.

Minimum Duration: 30 mins - $40 per person