Orthopedic Pillow Rental

Orthopedic Pillow Rental

Pain-free sleeping is essential to having a great holiday!

If you wake up with a headache, neck and back pain or tingling hands, that’s often a sign your spine isn’t aligned properly during the night. This can be solved by using the right supportive pillow.

A deep, restful sleep is a requirement for relaxation and body/mind rejuvenation. Pain coming from the neck during sleep disturbs this restorative sleep process. This is where the Orthopaedic Neck Pillow can help. By supporting the lower cervical vertebrae and relieving the neck muscles, this neck pillow provides substantial support for achieving a deep and relaxing sleep. The neck pillows contain no latex and come with a five-year warranty on shape retention (if you choose to buy one).


INDICATIONS that you need this pillow:

  • Pain in the cervical region (neck).
  • Tense neck muscles resulting in tension headaches.
  • Sleep problems caused by tension.
  • Also in case of osteoarthritis and prolapse issues – after consultation with Body & Skin Care Cairns Beaches.
  • Prevents bending of the spine when sleeping on your side.



Place the flat end of your orthopaedic pillow under your head. The higher end should be at your shoulder. This ensures optimum support of your cervical spinal column.



The pillow’s inner cover is made of organic cotton, pre-washed without the use of bleach. Any visible specks are a residue of cotton plants and do not have any negative impact on pillow function or hygiene.


Call 0447277793 for your pillow consultation.

For pillow rental, the fee is $25 for the first night / $5 per extra night / no consultation fee / deposit $100 or passport (which you’ll get back upon returning the pillow).